Our mission is to make underwater photography available for everybody at an affordable price . Well, not only underwater photography but also any kind of activity involving some action and wet environment.

When the Nautismart pro was first conceived we did it bearing in mind that nowadays smartphones are equivalent to compact cameras and probably in the future they will be even better… action cams were also taken into consideration, especially their price, the need to update them and the lengthy process of transferring big size movies from the cam to another device… when you use Nautismart in conjunction with your smartphone the transfer process is totally unnecessary as photos and videos are already resident in your device memory ready to be edited and shared.

We also took into consideration the average time before upgrading a smartphone; it is slightly over one year and yes, with Nautismart Pro you can upgrade your smartphone as often as you wish and still be able to use it in conjunction with your Nautismart… or you can share Nautismart for use among the members of your family or with your friends. In other words Nautismart pro has been imagined for maximum safety, flexibility and economy. Get it and you will not regret! Nautismart pro is the best Smart case for smartphones ant it’s made in Italy!


When the Bluebox company was first conceived we had in mind a mission… growing sensitivity towards the environment and Ocean protection. We have always believed that Underwater Photography is a great tool to bring in front of the great audience the beauty of the Ocean and its fragility.

Aware that the great majority of the Planet’s population will never experience directly the beauty of the Ocean we created the Scubashooters network. The flagship of the network is scubashooters.net website supported by a vast presence on major social medias like Facebook and Instagram. Few years after scubashooters.net was founded another milestone was set forth, the scubashooters emagazine followed by another one , the international UWphotography award Deepvisions. Thanks to this structure we realize few things; that the Ocean is really beautiful and fragile, that there is a great interest towards the protection of the environment and that despite this great interest not everybody is willing/able to invest a lot of money in a complete underwater photo gear. However, observing the world we noticed that modern smartphones are built with amazingly performing cameras, capable of such a quality that major camera producers worldwide are starting to shut compact cameras production lines down.

This is where and when the Nautismart Pro was born, the idea , back in 2014; there were already smartphones cases available on the market but they were single model. Single model cases are not environmental and wallet friendly and we wanted to make a case with both these characteristics so the Universal Underwater Housing for smartphones was conceived and a patent deposited . The idea that lays behind the Nautismart Pro is very simple: with Nautismart Pro we want to enable Underwater Photography for every smartphone owner on Earth.

This is where Nautismart Pro is environment friendly… nearly every human being owns a smartphone today so nobody has to invest more money to buy new devices to take underwater photos and this is the first environmental and wallet friendly step… due to the fact that Nautismart pro is a universal housing there’s no need to change the waterproof case as the smartphone is upgraded and this is the second environmental and wallet friendly step… thanks to its interchangeability Nautismart Pro can be easily shared among family members and groups of friends and this is the third environmental and wallet friendly step.

All these Ocean related environmental friendly activities needed a house, a box capable to host all of our ideas, a box blue like the Ocean and the sky… bluebox company was born.