Bluebox srl is a company based in Italy made of professionals dedicated to the underwater photography world. Our team is currently made of 8 people, software engineers and developers, UW photographers, managers and social media experts but first we’re all great Ocean lovers and for this reason our company was founded comprising several activities dedicated to the Ocean; and all its related social media channels, Scubashooters emagazine and are also part of the Bluebox company.

Developing in software house, running UW photo contests and managing websites and social medias since 2012 is the background on which the Nautismart project was conceived. It took a while to bring it to life because as all other Bluebox’s activities it’s been developed from scratch.

Now Nautismart pro is here, with a patent pending on it and being a worldwide trademark . We have developed it to be simple to use, sturdy, reliable and affordable and we are sure you will enjoy using it. We have imagined it so to be the best underwater smart housing for smartphones and we are sure you will love it. Choose your preferred color and imagine its use not only to take UW photos while diving, but also while snorkeling, on the beach, at the pool, while jumping with your parachute or using your bike.

There are endless possibilities for you to turn your smartphone into an action cam. You will likely always have a smartphone right? With Nautismart Pro you just have to worry about updating your smartphone… with just little care Natismart Pro will ensure years of service to come. 

Marino Palla

Great Ocean lover and world traveller, UW photographer since dive No 1 in Sharm el Sheik Egypt in year 2000. PADI Dive Master, founder of Scubashooters Network and inventor of the Nautismart Pro Case. My “other” job is Airline Pilot for the Italian subsidiary of Lufthansa AG so my life is continuously split between Sky and Water!

Fabio Strazzi

Born in 1968 with fins already he has always been a passionate underwater photographer. Worldwide traveller had a working experience in Lembeh, Indonesia where he managed the marketing of a resort and helped improving the local diving center services. Awarded several times in many international uw photo competitions he is the founder of the Scubashooters Emagazine

Giuseppe Papola

Born in 1960, sea lover, acquired his first diving license in 1976, at the age of 16.
After years of thecnical and computer science education, in 1988 founded a software company.
With Nautismart combined his two passions, diving and tecnology!

Massimo Tchen

Entrepreneur, have been working in family’s company since his 20s. The main business of the company is coated fabrics in polyurethane and pvc. There he is responsible for the international branch and takes care of overseas businesses and trading. Very keen to innovation he is actively participating in other startups in the biotechnologies field and has been involved in the Bluebox project thanks to his 30+ years friendship with Marino Palla initiator of the company.