What is the maximum size supported by Nautismart?

Nautismart Pro supports devices up to 16,9×8.0x0.9cm.

My smartphone becomes really hot after using Nautismart Pro, what can i do?

As stated in the instructions booklet that you can download here it is strongly recommended to avoid leaving Nautismart Pro under direct sun light especially when your smartphone is loaded inside. Be sure to put Nautismart Pro in the shade or cover it up with a cloth even for short periods as direct sunlight can very quickly heat it up. It is also recommended to disable ALL radio connections in your smartphone, this includes phone, wifi and bluetooth. Also recommended is to close all background programs and leave Nautismart Pro as only active software on your smartphone.

My Nautismart Pro has fallen from a height, is it still safe to dive with it?

Nautismart Pro is not built to protect your smartphone from falls but just from water. Its sturdy structure could however withstand small falls ( 20 cm or so ). In case of a fall from around that height you should carefully inspect your Nautismart for cracks in the polycarbonate and if no cracks are found perform another check dive without loading your smartphone into the Nautismart. It is generally better if it doesn’t fall at all.

After last dive I noticed a crack in the Nautismart housing but no water entered the case. Is it still safe to bring it underwater?

Nautismart Pro is made of prime quality polycarbonate and this ensure mechanical excellence of its structure. However, improper use can lead polycarbonate to become fragile and crack under pressure. If it is repeatedly left under direct sunlight, if it falls from a height, if it is used beyond its design ( i.e. squeezed under a car’s tyre ) or brought below -60mt which is its certification depth even first choice polycarbonate can cracks. It is strongly recommended to stop using Nautismart Pro in the water if a crack is found even if no water has leaked inside as a leakage at this point is just matter of time.

I downloaded the Nautismart App but when I launch it it crashes.

Nautismart App has been developed for simplicity, ergonomics and reliability. In case you encounter any problem at first download please uninstall it, reboot your smartphone and re install the app. If the problem is still present pls write an email to app@nautismart.net stating the kind of problem encountered, is possible a screenshot, brand and model of your smartphone and operating system version. Our programmers will reply to you as soon as possible.

I just received my Nautismart Pro but the package is open/damaged, what should I do?
In the unlikely event of a smashed/damaged box pls send an email to sales@nautismart.net along with a photo of the box and as many details as possible about the carrier which delivered your purchase, date and time.

What does it mean “waterproof to -60mt and full operational to -40 depending on the smartphone thickness”?

As you might know every object that goes into the water is kind of “squeezed” by the pressure of the water itself. The bigger the depth the bigger the “squeeze” effect. Nautismart is in the end an empty, waterproof box where you put inside the smartphone. When you go down for a dive the Nautismart pro will be squeezed by the pressure of the water column while your smartphone will be not. This is perfectly normal and “scientific” too, but when the smartphone is a thick one like 9mm or so it is possible that the pushbuttons will get to touch the smartphone surface without being pushed by you due to the squeeze effect of the water pressure. This will result in being unable to take photos at depths greater than -40mt. If your smartphone is 6mm or so, then the squeeze effect will not affect the pushbuttons and they will remain clear of the surface of the screen and you will be able to take photos down to -60mt.

I have an issue with my Nautismart Pro – how do I get a refund?

To learn more about our refund policy and warranty terms and conditions please read our warranty information page.